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We start the day with a hearty, full Scottish breakfast onboard ‘Boy Ryan’, setting us up for the exciting day ahead!

The choice is yours – go ashore and enjoy the scenery or spend it with us onboard looking at the vast wildlife that Orkney has to offer. We will endeavour to meet your individual needs to maximise your holiday. 

We have a choice of café/restaurants for lunch and after our afternoon cruise, we stop off for a meal at one of Orkney’s fantastic establishments.

The Atlantic Grey Seal are rare by world standards; however, boasting a resident population of 25,000, they are abundant on the Orkney shores. Their smaller relatives the common seal, have a declining population, but Orkney Islands remains the perfect place to experience these wonderful creatures. 

Killer whales, minke whales, harbour porpoise, risso & common dolphins are also sighted. They are all regular visitors to our waters. Birdlife, colonies of puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, skuas, gannets, shags & much more!


While you are staying with us, why not bring your bike, canoe or paddle board, to maximise your cruise experience. We will offer to drop you off at various spots for you to hike, bike, or paddle your way around your chosen route. We will then arrange to pick you up after your venture.

Orkney provides something for everyone, from 5000 year old neolithic sites, amazing wildlife, adventure activities, fishing (cook what you catch!), to historical war museums, and outstanding quality of local food and drink produce.


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